Welcome to Fantom Gates collection

AI-Human collaborative art
on Fantom

1900 gates, only.
30 pre-minted
45 FTM mint price, with 10 FTM Discount for Spectacular holders.
Affordable art, in limited edition, for FTM connoisseurs.

Initial FTM mint price
FTM mint price for
Spectacular holders
Max supply
Current Supply: --
Remaining FantomGates to claim: --
Your FTM address:
Mint Mint (Spec Holder)

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Creative process

A close interaction between AI and human

Our identity

We aim to focus on quality and impactful visual, beautiful and astonishing art. Our goal is the visual attractiveness of the pieces we release.

Humans & Algorithms

Our creative process is an intimate mix of feeling, human touches and state of the art AI models. We let AI and randomness talk, but we try to influence them in the way we want and curate the whole process.


We pre-minted 30 pieces, to be used as prizes and reward. They will be given away for social contests, or as reward for community involvment.
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We'd love to see a community emerge around our work.
With a low supply and price, we aim to keep it rare and valuable on the long term while giving everyone a chance to get one.


Owning a Spectacular - Our first collection - Gives you a 10 FTM discount on the mint price. Further benefits for our holders are planned.

Future Development

Roadmap to be updated once the collection is totally minted.


A quick glimpse through the collection.

Real art is high-res (3000x3000 px), only low res samples are shown here.


A Gate to another universe


Mineral gate to another world

"Unus II"

Would you climb the stairs to this gate?


An energy packed time gate, opening endless potentialities...


A spectacular Icy gate.


A time gate, full of promises!

Second market

No luck minting a piece? Want to pick THE one you like?